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For all our photos we used compact-digital CANON cameras
with artigianal underwater case made for us by a japanese friend.
We ALWAYS use ONLY internal flash, no big and expensive external
flash. We prefer the confort of holding the camera with one hand
rather than make perfect photo in ever situation.

These cameras use dedicated batteries.
 The autonomy is very long, the top for cameras
 of the same type. Sometimes we made more than 300
 photos with only one battery, using always the internal
 flash and with the display on the back always on.

These cameras also use compact flash cards CF or minidisk
as internal memory (until Canon G6), or SD card (Canon G7, G9 

and G10). We usually use 1 GB flash card CF and 2 GB SD card,
and this can enable us to store from 300 to 500 files, depending
on the model of the camera.

If we are on holiday for many days of course we need a laptop
computer that we bring with us, where we download the flash
cards after each dive or after a full-day. It's very useful a PCMCIA
adapter where is possible to insert the different cards directly
to the laptop, so we don't link the cameras directly to the computer.

Instead, if we are on holiday for a short time, or we have problem
with baggages, we use an external hard-disk where is possible
to download many types of flash cards, directly without using
a computer. Unfortunately the model that we use don't have
a screen to view the photos.

And now some photos of our equipment used in the last years.








Underwater-case for CANON G6 - front


Underwater-case for CANON G6 - back


Underwater-case for CANON G6 - up


Underwater-case for CANON G6 - side


from 22/10/2004
until today
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